New Bank Guarantee Scheme

The new scheme is described in this document.

The Sovereign Debt Market

Wolfgang Munchau has an interesting piece on the Greek fiscal situation in Monday’s FT: you can read it here. Against the backdrop of events in Dubai, there is increasing concern that risk aversion in the sovereign debt market may be on the increase.

Foreign Policy List of Most Influential

To get a sense of the perceived influence of economics on global thinking, it is worth looking at Foreign Policy magazine’s list of 100 most influential thinkers. An economist beats Obama to first place. Other economists who rank highly include Thaler and Sunstein at number 7, Robert Shiller at number 22, William Easterly at 39, Paul Collier at 36 and Esther Duflo at 41. Others on the list include Stiglitz, Ostrom (we claim her now!), Stern, Roubini, Sachs, Krugman, Posner, Sen, Buiter, Oster.

link here

Fiscal Adjustment and Re-Balancing the Irish Economy

Here is the paper by Colm McCarthy from last night’s SSISI fiscal workshop


The great trade collapse

Richard Baldwin has just put together a new VoxEU Ebook on the great world trade collapse of 2008. It contains 23 short, user-friendly essays that give a great overview of what we have learned so far about the causes of this dramatic event.