Blue Bonds

There has been much discussion of the potential role of a common euro area bond  –  Bruegel have released a paper analysing such ‘blue bonds’; you can download it here.

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oh dont worry Davidson. Sure that only that nasty nasty IFSC. Sure that ole thing isnt REALLY in ireland….

If Intel financed its $ borrowings via its Irish subsidiary would “Ireland” owe the US a shedload of money in the event of of Intel failing?

With regard to Blue Bonds – how does one get from here to there? Colour-coding all of existing issuance by all member states?

This is hilarious!

“It needs to be credibly established that sovereign bankruptcy is something that has been planned for.”

A send up? Or a secret message to conspiracy theorists?

Clearly Engrish sic is not their first ranguage

How about black and blue bonds?

Should we not issue a warning, as a people with a rather rogue government, that absolutely no, NO liability will be accepted for anything to do with the IFSC? What is going to happen when those who think they still have assets in the IFSC want to repatriate them? Is the Irish government, of national Revolutionary Unity of 2012, going to step in and claim all assets and renounce all liabilities of the IFSC? Should we have a man with silver scissors ready at the optical fibre leaving the IFSC?

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