Quarterly National Household Survey

The Q3 2012 QNHS has been released by the CSO.

This is the first release to incorporate the results of Census 2011.  The population estimate used by the CSO at the time of the census was almost 100,000 lower than the figure provided by the census.  An information notice gives the impact this revised population estimate has on the QNHS results.

Report on SME Credit Demand

The Department of Finance has published a third Report on the Demand for Credit by SMEs here. The report covers the period April to September 2012. The main findings are that

 39% of SMEs sought bank finance in the report period, a one percentage point increase from the report half a year ago

 56% of formal finance applications were approved fully and 4% partially; 19% were declined, and 21% remained pending

Almost half of all SMEs believe that banks do currently not lend to SMEs in Ireland

–  7% of SMEs have not applied for credit because of this

 The view that banks do not lend is mainly based on media reports and the experience of business peers, not on own personal experience.

Louis Smith R.I.P.

Word just in of the death of Professor Louis Smith, formerly of UCD.

Students and colleagues will remember Louis with affection and admiration. As a teacher he was bright and enthusiastic: sometimes impenetrable, sometimes absent-minded, but always very engaging.  As a colleague he was obliging and cheerful.

Louis was an able and original commentator on policy issues. He was passionate about agricultural cooperatives and about ‘Europe’.  His early and influential role in the debate about the link with sterling should not be forgotten.

His funeral takes place in Donnybrook church tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Sympathies to his family.  Reminiscences about Louis welcome: ni bheidh a leitheid aris ann, cinnte!