Ultra posse nemo obligatur, anyone?

Paul Mason has a blog post and interview here, worth reading and watching. I am going to stick my neck out and assert that Manolis Glezos does in fact speak with a certain moral authority. But it is the German deputy finance minister’s constant insistence on obeying the law that prompts this post, along with its title. For German government use of the principle in the economic domain, see here (p. 188).

Another one from Jordà, Schularick and Taylor

The latest in an important series of papers by Jordà, Schularick and Taylor is described here.

Although they don’t spin it this way (which is not surprising, since they don’t provide evidence about the impact of fiscal policy on housing booms and busts), the work suggests to this reader potential arguments (on top of the more standard ones) regarding the benefits of automatic stabilisers and countercyclical fiscal policy.

The Szasz Doctrine

Ashoka Mody writes here.

US: 2015 Economic Report of the President

This report is the primary ‘academic’ publication of the US administration – tons of interesting material here.

Job Openings for Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

The ESRI has recently posted an advertisement for post-docs in Economics in a range of areas. Detailed information is available here.

We would be grateful if you could forward the link to any potentially suitable candidates you may know of.