Hydraulic Keynesianism

A friend has alerted me to this post on the famous Phillips machine, which several of us learned about in Antoin Murphy’s class years ago. The accompanying video is magnificent. Although Phillips was a New Zealander, I can’t help but be reminded of George Orwell’s comments on the English love of hobbies, in this wonderful essay.

Vacancy for Economist

A blue-chip multinational is looking for an economist for its Dublin office for an 11-month contract position. Contact James Griffin at +353 1 523 7575;  Email: james.griffin at sspi.ie.

The Next Economics Editor at RTE

Paddy Power has the betting, including some cross overs from academia and other non-media backgrounds: more details here.

Barrington Prize Lecture on May 13th

This year’s Barrington Prize Lecture on “Well-Being under conditions of abundance: Ireland from 1990 to 2007” will be given by Liam Delaney on May 13th as part of the AGM of SSISI. The meeting starts at 6pm and will be held at the Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 .

This paper examines the health and well-being of the Irish population in the late 20th century, the period popularly referred to as the Celtic Tiger. This period saw unprecedented increases in economic activity in Ireland. Using statistical data from administrative and survey sources, I examine whether this period of growth improved well-being and welfare in Ireland. The paper draws from theories of the development of societies such as those of Fogel and Easterlin, as well as theories from behavioural economics and econometric techniques to examine this question. In particular, I examine the extent to which Ireland fits into a pattern of declining correlation between GDP and well-being at later stages of development, a phenomenon known as the Easterlin Paradox. I also examine the extent to which individual well-being is predicted by income as compared to other aspects of welfare such as health and employment status. The results are discussed in the context of long-term demographic and health trends in Ireland.

I look forward to seeing you there. Of course, non-members are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion of the paper.

The AGM and Barrington Lecture of The Statistical & Social Inquiry Society of Ireland will take place on Wednesday, 13th May 2009,  starting at 6:00 pm. The order of the meeting will be:

Annual General Meeting:
I.                  Minutes of the 2008 AGM
II.                  Report & Accounts
III.                  Election of Council Members & Officers of the Society
IV.    The Barrington Lecture

Global Finance Academy Conference at UCD



at the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

May 27, 2009

The Global Finance Academy at the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School would like to announce the 3rd Global Finance Academy Conference. The conference is a one-day event and our speakers include Don Bredin, Claudio Loderer, Philip Molyneux, Maureen O’Hara, Lucio Sarno, and Matthew Spiegel.