Monetary Dialogue Briefing Papers: September 2010

The latest collection of briefing papers for the European Parliament’s Monetary Dialogue with the ECB are available here (click on 27.09.2010). They focus on a range of interesting questions provoked by the sovereign debt crisis, such as what follows after the current bailout funds expire in 3 years and how to reform and implement the Stability and Growth Pact.

European Parliament Briefing Papers: June 2010

The latest Monetary Dialogue briefing papers for the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs are available here (click on 21.6.10). These papers are provided to help the MEPs on the committee prepare for their June 21 meeting with President Trichet, which promises to be an interesting one. My paper is titled “The Euro, the ECB and the Sovereign Debt Crisis”.  All the papers focus on different aspects of the European sovereign debt issue.

European Parliament Papers on Deficits and Global Imbalances

Here‘s a link to the latest set of briefing papers for the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. One set of papers (including one by me) focuses on global imbalances and the role they played in the financial crisis. The other set of papers focuses on European fiscal issues. These papers include a summary by Daniel Gros (CEPS) of his proposal with Thomas Mayer (Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank) for a European Monetary Fund.

These briefing papers are provided to MEPs on the committee prior to a meeting they will have with ECB President Trichet on March 22nd at which these and other issues will be discussed.

Paper on Systemic Risk

Here‘s a paper on “Containing Systemic Risk” which I submitted to the European Parliament’s Monetary and Economic Affairs Committee in relation to its Monetary Dialogue with ECB President Trichet.

I’m one of a panel of “experts” that briefs the committee. Here‘s a link to the page that contains all the expert papers for this year. Click on 7.12.09 and you’ll see papers by other economists on the topic of systemic risk as well as some interesting papers on the Monetary Exit Strategies.

G20 and Reforming Banking Regulation

The communiqué for the latest G20 summit is available here. It contains lots of the usual waffle about co-operation on this that and the other, but I think the most important element of the discussions relates to the reform of banking regulation.