Jim Corr on the Financial Crisis

Those interested in keeping up with the latest thinking on the financial crisis may be interested in checking out Jim Corr’s interview with Matt Cooper on today’s Last Word radio show.

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Celebrity Corr strikes again! 9/11 was ‘an inside job’. The Lisbon Treaty was/is ‘an inside job’. Now it appears the global financial crisis is ‘an inside job’ too.

Nobody would entertain this arch conspiracy theorist for one minute if he wasn’t one of ‘The Corrs’ – if you can remember that lightweight musical configuration of the two pretty sisters one of whom fiddled whilst the other sang and their little brother Jimmy kept time in the background strumming that nice guitar with the six strings that they had bought him for Christmas.

I think he should form a new band. ‘Looney Tunes’ might be a good name for it. At least it might distract him from listening too closely to those voices in his head for a wee while. And meanwhile someone should sit the poor lad down and explain to him that in a world of conspiracy theory vs. cock up, cock up is usually more likely to turn out to be correct.

Give the man his own tv show! A friend linked me to his website a while back and I was sure it was a prank!

On a serious note though, is it safe to let someone like this out in the media? What if someone gullible (i.e. our politicians) heard him?

I think they have him on just so they can get a few more skits out of him on Gift Grub.

What I dislike about the interviews is that Matt lets him go pretty much unchallenged, I guess he figured that he was doing a good enough job hanging himself.


Jim’s career as an anti-global conspiracy campaigner began in September 2002 as a crewman on the Rainbow Warrior and ad hoc spokesman for the Irish Sea Nuclear Free Flotilla protesting against the transport of nuclear materials to Barrow in Furness from Japan. Loads of media attention – interviewed three or four times a day throughout the protest, plus a satellite video link up with Pat Kenny’s Late Late Show to take on the British Ambassador about the nuclear conspiracy against the peoples of Louth and Ireland in general and maybe the rest of the world as well.

Lots of political attention too – they certainly listened to our Jim in those days – with Martin Cullen as Minister for the Environment making a personal visit to the Rainbow Warrior while it was docked on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay and Enda, then and still, Leader of FIne Gael, also visiting the ship and ‘launching’ the fleet to do battle in the Irish Sea against the evil nuclearheads….

Looking at them all now, you have to wonder… was it something they picked up during that protest that did it?

@ Veronica

That’s all very concerning. Other than the Lisbon campaign last year, I didn’t realise he was getting much coverage. In any case I always assumed whatever coverage he did get was for a laugh! (on which he always delivers)

I suppose we can be thankful that he hasn’t influenced any of the current govt…. yet.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Corr vs. Lucey TV debate!

What an amazingly smug bunch of comments. Does what Jim Corr is saying about the economy sound any less fantasy-driven than what Fianna Fail are saying? How can Irish people be so blinded by the media???? Which bit of this IMF thing do you not get – that a private debt has been transferred to the Irish public? that senior bondholders will bear no pain, only the Irish poor who didn’t take out the loans in the first place? That we could have defaulted on this loan like Iceland did but chose not to? If you don’t believe Jim Corr’s version, then check out the New York Times, The Irish Times, the Guardian.

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