National Bank Rescue Measures

The ECB has released a useful description of the measures taken by each country in rescuing its banking system: you can download it here.

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Seven hours gone and not a single response to Philip’s post. Very disappointing. I expect a lot of the usual posters have difficulty coing to terms with the fact that current banking problems are actually a global phenomenon and not, as some believe, unique to Ireland.

Last night, Vincent Browne challenged Brian Lenihan on the bank guarantee, saying we went further than anyone else. Lenihan said that Greece had followed our example.

Not according to the ECB. It appears the Greeks limited their guarantee to €15Bn. How reassuring that sounds compared to the, what, €400Bn. we guaranteed.

I’m afraid the document is not fully accurate for Ireland.

Although purporting to cover everything up to 1 June 2009, it seems to miss the fact that AIB’s recap was upped from the (21 December 2008) proposal to a total of €3.5 bn (paid in 13 May 2009).

Hope the information for other countries is more solid.

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