Special Pleading from Yet Another Interest Group

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A reader has noticed this call from the nation’s astrologers for extra public funding.


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  1. Veronica Says:

    “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable”. Love it!

  2. Brian Lucey Says:

    I wonder how many astrologers support NAMA? And how many say they dont but do so privatly

  3. colm mccarthy Says:

    Milton Friedman: ‘Economists make forecasts, not because they know, but because they are asked’.

  4. kevin denny Says:

    It always strikes me as curious that while many happily make fun of some forms of superstition ,like astrology, others forms are quietly accepted or even endorsed.

  5. Mossy Heneberry Says:

    Ahh.. why didn’t these astrologers see the economic collapse coming?

  6. Enda Says:

    Say a prayer to St. Anthony to help you find some answers to that one, Kevin.

  7. kevin denny Says:

    In a moment of idleness, I had my RA put in star-signs into a wage equation. Mercifully, we couldn’t reject the null of no-effect.

  8. Greg Says:

    I fthey support NAMA Brian Lenihan will hire them as consultants.

    After all there’s €2.6Bn going a begging.

    That’s enough to buy every professional opinion in the country for some time.

  9. Aidan McGrath Says:

    Us Aquarians don’t believe in that astrological crap!

  10. jc Says:

    LOL this is genius

    “Some astrologists are apparently deeply concerned by the Government’s current policy of fostering research in the pure sciences, engineering and mathematics”

    I think one of these astrologists may have just quoted Milton Friedman above:)

  11. yoganmahew Says:

    Destiny is eating a banama…

  12. Another John M Says:

    Surely they saw this coming?

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