Special Pleading from Yet Another Interest Group

A reader has noticed this call from the nation’s astrologers for extra public funding.

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“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable”. Love it!

I wonder how many astrologers support NAMA? And how many say they dont but do so privatly

Milton Friedman: ‘Economists make forecasts, not because they know, but because they are asked’.

It always strikes me as curious that while many happily make fun of some forms of superstition ,like astrology, others forms are quietly accepted or even endorsed.

In a moment of idleness, I had my RA put in star-signs into a wage equation. Mercifully, we couldn’t reject the null of no-effect.

I fthey support NAMA Brian Lenihan will hire them as consultants.

After all there’s €2.6Bn going a begging.

That’s enough to buy every professional opinion in the country for some time.

LOL this is genius

“Some astrologists are apparently deeply concerned by the Government’s current policy of fostering research in the pure sciences, engineering and mathematics”

I think one of these astrologists may have just quoted Milton Friedman above:)

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