Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: Testimony by Academics

A number of prominent academics testified before the US FCIC last week  – you can download the background papers here.

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@Philip Lane

……… looks v. good information, potentially: will add to relevant folder. And to complement – recent in US on Corporate Governance [in the present Irish context CorpGOv in Banks and senior bankers more than an Oxymoron!]

Corporate Governance and the Financial Crisis: Causes and Cures

An American and ‘Shareholder perspective’ on Corporate Governance ……….

“Pertinent comments on these issues from various sources included the following:
“Excessive stockholder power is precisely what caused the short-term fixation that led to the current financial crisis. …The real investors are mostly professional money managers who are focused on the short term.“It is these shareholders who pushed companies to generate returns at levels that were not sustainable. …The pressure to produce unrealistic profit fueled increased risk-taking. And as the government relaxed checks on excessive risk-taking (or, at a minimum, didn’t respond with increased prudential regulation), stockholder demands for ever higher returns grew still further. It was a vicious cycle.“Thoughtful observers of corporate governance have recognized the direct causal relationship between the financial meltdown and the short-term focus that drove reckless risk-taking.”
– Martin Lipton, Jay W. Lorsch and Theodore N. Mirvis, Schumer’s Shareholder Bill Misses the Mark, Wall St. Journal, May 12, 2009.”

Short-Termism ……… TIME as the main culprit …….. and the Institutional Ferengi Dealers ……+ bonuses…..[see recent $10 billion bonus re GoldenSacks].. Slides are available from the LINK and prob some lessons for around here. But the importance of TIME is something that Irish Gov does not seem to understand.

Monetary expansion promotes bad investments which eventuate in lost capital, costing some more than others. Those who provide that expansion make out like bandits.

Ignorance of these events costs other people their life savings.

It is not my job to educate you. Too late, the lesson has started! What is going to happen next? Ask me if you are interested.

@Pat Donnelly

So what happens next? The suspense is killing – I hope it lasts!

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