European Solidarity Manifesto

Some time ago I posted a link to the proposals of the “Eiffel group”, which struck me as a logical contribution to the debate about the future of the Euro.

Here is another contribution to the debate which also strikes me as logical.

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One of the supporters of Kevin’s Manifesto is Hans-Olaf Henkel, Prof for Management

Since on Europe election day I will attend more important business, celebrate together with friends from school 30 year of continuous warfare against (beer) bottles and (Magen)bitter (Sechsämtertropfen, very good stuff !, just to support my local economy a little bit : – ),

I got my ballot papers for city council and Europe (24 parties, like a Xmas calendar, I wonder what is behind each door) already today in the morning, and Kevin’s supporter is on it!

Together with economics Profs. Lucke, Starbeatty, Meuthen.
Yesterday he even got engaged with the Nr. One on the list, Lucke !

Only the ÖDP also fields at least one, my former Algebra Professor,
And they have 4 of it, AND in economics, AND speak often and loud in the public, AND friends of Kevin, AND will definitely get in (

Should be a clear case, or …. ?

But maybe I should go with the Marxist-Leninst MLPD, the one true original, and they have a really neat Che Guevara poster on the way to my favourite pub. The FAU anarchists have overpainted 1/3 of the other posters here, but can’t be found anywhere to be voted for. I’ll guess they prefer direct action, kinda european spring?.

What can you vote for in Ireland?

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