Air quality

The EPA has released the latest of its annual reports on air quality. Its a technical report, and the media highlight different things. The Examiner reports that Irish air is best. The Times reports that some of Dublin’s air exceeds the NO2 limit. Both are true.

The Independent reports that smoky coal may soon be banned. That is speculation. The EPA report concludes that the ban on smoky coal has improved urban air quality; and argues that a nation-wide ban would be good for environment and health. The current ban is peculiar: It is a ban on selling smoky coal in cities — rather than on burning. The Solid Fuel Trade Group, who sell smoky coal, argue that a nationwide ban would not be effective, because people would smuggle coal from the North. As Dubliners do not smuggle large amounts of smoky coal from Meath into Dublin, chances are that cross-border smuggling would be limited too.