The Green Preferendum: Cod or Fish?

The Irish Times has the details of the Green Party preferendum.

1) Nama with strong Green Party policy conditions and only current market values being paid for transferred loans: 23 per cent;

2) The “Swedish solution” with each institution forced to write down its loan book to current market values and the possibility of separate asset management companies for individual banks: 20-21 per cent;

3) A free-market, laissez-faire approach, with banks left to fend for themselves: 14-15 per cent;

4) The Nama legislation in its present form: 13 per cent;

5) Partial nationalisation, with a “good bank” to assist small and medium enterprises: 12-13 per cent;

6) Full nationalisation: 12 per cent.

One can only imagine what subsequent ownership structure was envisaged by the Green Party faithful who voted for (1) and (2).

Rumour has it, the menu for dinner in Athlone was:

1) Chicken

2) Cod

3) Haddock

4) Sea Bass

5) Salmon

6) Fish

Hardly anybody picked option 6.