The State of the Nation conference

The Labour Party is hosting a conference on Saturday, 21 February in Dublin to discuss solutions to Ireland’s economic and banking problems. A link to the programme can be found here. I post this notice because I think some visitors to this site might be interested in the event, not because of any political allegiances.

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Looks likely to be an interesting conference alright. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen got Denmark out of similar (although not as extreme) problems in the 1990s.

Rasmussen is not the only highly respected speaker at it, is he Alan?

BTW, invitation received and confirmed. See you there.

Good for a laugh if nothing else. For me, I would rather spend the day sorting out my sock drawer than listen to what I am sure will be nothing more than a like minded group hug with lots of unworkable socialist drivel thrown in.

Re the state of the nation, how far things will deteriorate and how fast, I thought it might be interesting to see if our collective ability to predict the direction and pace of change is as bad as 2008 suggested it might be, when we got used to waking up to entirely unexpected news, generally of a bad kind, hence:

The admittedly small market went for Mar/Apr first, but it would be my inkling that January’s figures should suggest it will top 350000 by February. Interested to see what the readership here thinks, both in relation to content and to the tool itself.

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