Greenspan on Irish Economic Recovery

Ronald Greenspan of FTI presented this paper to a Dublin conference this morning, with Brian Cowen in the audience:FTIgreenspandublin

3 replies on “Greenspan on Irish Economic Recovery”

This presentation highlights the necessity for a major communications national and international programme by the Government as an essential component in any strategy for recovery. Therein lies the rub: this Government’s communications and media relations capabilities – there isn’t even a pretence at an overall strategy – at every level of this administration is possibly the worst in the developed world at the present time and is consistently exposed as sub standard even as regards the most trivial events e.g. the silly and counterproductive response to the ‘picturegate’ incident. Whether they make more right than wrong decisions on economic issues is niether here nor there if they can’t communicate them effectively to anyone. My pet cat would do a better job!

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