Portfolio Magazine Profile of Dr Doom

Here is an interesting profile of Nouriel Roubini.

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The Times article must set a record for platitudes & stereotypes rather like Ireland in “The Simpsons” only not quite as funny. I guess this guff is another part of the price we are paying…

I had to recheck the front cover of the Sunday Times Magazine several times during my reading of this article, to make sure I wasn’t actually reading a child’s GCSE paper or an anti-irish piece of propoganda written to make Britain feel better about it’s declining financial situation. Oooh look we’re not as badly off as the Irish, come on chaps tally ho! Such a cobbled together ill informed piece of claptrap I haven’t read in years. I might have guessed when I saw the ‘lifted’ cat image plundered from the RSPCA website and ‘Photoshopped’ into Irishness that this would be a piece written, researched and executed on the cheap, resulting in a sketchy unbalanced report. Referring to pre-boom Ireland as a ‘beer soaked backwater’ is nothing short of offensive. This ‘beer served backwater’ seemed pretty attractive to the English many years ago when they stole land and tried to rule it then pissed off when the famine set in? The English along with other Europeans have for many years enjoyed holidaying in Ireland long before the boom and are welcomed.

Counting the points as to why Ireland was such a good place to live and work, the writer says ‘throw in the English language’ as though Ireland has only been using this language for the past few years! He then goes on to make a childish reference to Kerry Gold, really is this the best you can do? Kevin, I see your comparison to ‘The Simpsons’ . Once again I checked the front cover.

Regarding Waterford Wedgewood and ‘selling off the family china’, Waterford Glass/Wedgewood has been in decline for over 20years, pre-boom infact, so no they are not hastily selling off the family china. Cheap glass imports from Poland and China combined with a change in trend away from traditional engraved glass rendered the business unviable. Please do your research. Have you even spoken to those working at Waterford Wedgewood for a clear picture? No I don’t think so.

Ireland still has a strong export base, it manufactures and is one of world leaders in providing armoured vehicles to foreign armies amongst other interests. Research where the Dutch have been buying their vehicles from. What a pity Landrover was left to rot.

The result is a very poor sketchy piece of writing which tells us more about the writer’s own views and poor journalistic ability than the subject he is actually writing about. Surely this breaks the first rule of writing this kind of editorial. My advice to John Arlidge? Give up journalism.

After a week when Fine Gael issued a well thought-through and innovative proposal for a stimulus package that shifts public capital expenditure off the Government balance sheet and allows the fiscal focus to fall solely on the current budget deficit, I’m surprised that the most recent post and comments focus on a media-savvy intellectual gadfly in New York and the Sunday Times’s characteristic schadenfreude about Ireland.

Kevin – exposing yourself as a simsons fan? 🙂
Seriously – its the sundays. Sure they even take stuff from me at times. While there is a serious issue re the perception/portrayal of Ireland esp in the UK, we mustnt shoot the messanger.

If i could buy the Irish Sunday Times here then I would. It is the derogatory terms used within the article and the fact that only half the story was told that I am complaining about. The UK Sunday Times reaches a very wide audience so the least it can do is project the facts.

The “problem” with this article is that Professor Nouriel Roubini has been one of the most accurate forecasters of the current economic recession. Roubini knows that it is not just one trillion of debt monetization and slight of hand that the US economy needed but three and a half trillion! A figure to big to “print” in one go. This is just one reason why US quantitative easing will fail. It never had any chance of success! Expect Ireland to REALLY not just figuratively “fall over a cliff” as the talking shop that will be the G 20 fails to alter the economic reality that we are on the cusp of a world depression. April 7th is the new fools day!

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