The Next Economics Editor at RTE

Paddy Power has the betting, including some cross overs from academia and other non-media backgrounds: more details here.

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The odds that are given to “joke bets” always interest me. Both Brian Lenihan and Sean Fitzpatrick seem impossible as candidates for the job yet BL is 500-1 and Fitzpatrick is 250-1. What does the difference in the two odds represent?

Marc Coleman?! ‘The best is yet to come’ guy? My oh my…

No international candidates?

Oh geesh … me on this list? Perhaps they want someone with a west of Ireland accent, but not that far west of Ireland.

Don’t Paddy Power have a spread betting site? I’d already figured that a long-Murray short-Connor strategy was the optimal approach here even before I read Greg’s comment. Possibilties for insider trading?

Wonder if we can buy swaps….swap you one lenihan for, well, anything really…

@ Brian Lucey
Throw in Sean Fitzpatrick with him and I’ll trade you my Dustin the Turkey 🙂

I tried to access the link to Paddy Power from my Telecom Italia-Alice line and received the following notice:

In applicazione del decreto dell’Amministrazione autonoma dei monopoli di Stato (AAMS) del 2 gennaio 2007, disciplinante la rimozione dei casi di offerta in assenza di autorizzazione, attraverso rete telematica, di giochi, lotterie, scommesse o concorsi pronostici con vincite in denaro, con il quale è stata data attuazione all’art. 1, comma 50, della Legge 27 dicembre 2006, n° 296, il sito richiesto non è raggiungibile poichĂ© sprovvisto delle autorizzazioni necessarie per operare la raccolta di giochi in Italia.

L’elenco degli operatori autorizzati al gioco telematico è disponibile sul sito istituzionale


Could it be that Paddy Power sees soft money coming in from economists betting on themselves?

The obvious candidate is David Murphy, RTE’s Business Correspondent who is doing a very solid job. Apart from having the inside track, his calm reporting was an excellent foil to George Lee’s egotrips in recent months. Of course, things are so bad financially for RTE that they may not fill the senior post.

The Indo today refers to Eddie Hobbs as “one of the country’s best known economists.”

Maybe a little of Dan McLaughlin’s optimism would be an antidote in these grim times.

He could well emulate Nixon’s press secretary Ron Ziegler who at the height of Watergate had declared some inconvenient past statements as “inoperative.”

Just two gems from a May 11, 2009 speech:

“In Ireland there has been a spate of forecasts projecting a slowdown in growth, but in truth most of the current macro-indicators, (including retail sales, industrial production, foreign travel and unemployment) do not suggest any softening in the pace of growth.”

“Indeed, there are a number of economic viewpoints about the Irish economy which are often voiced but have little in the way of support from the facts. One often hears that growth is unbalanced but a glance at the data from 2001 to 2006 shows average GDP growth of 5.3%, with all components growing in a 4.5% – 5.5% range.”

@Michael H:
Back to the future. Dr Dan’s speech is dated May 11, 2007!

The Italian Government is on to something though. Last time I checked, Paddy Power was, by market cap, the largest financial stock on the Irish Exchange.

Not David Walsh di you here him on 6one tonight?
He said that the government

“The government have had a good long look at nationalisation…It looked at the international market. It looks to the people who lend to the banks sees that some of them dont lend to nationalised banks”

two words company man

George Lee would never pander to that tripe

This is all good clean fun ‘though it would be more useful if Paddy Power opened a book on something like the banks getting nationalized or GDP falling by more than x%. Information markets can be very accurate but it is difficult for the Feds to operate them (as Admiral Poindexter discovered to his cost). Maybe that Blueshirt bookie guy could be persuaded…

Looks like David Murphy has been promoted to Editor while the Economics job is at corresondent level. David is a safe pair of hands, (though his reports are boring and sadly for RTE Business coverage and for the viewer, they add little or not value) but George knew his economics and was generally right….He will be missed for that.

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