DEW Kenmare 2009 conference

The programme for this conference is available here.

You can download a booking form here.

6 replies on “DEW Kenmare 2009 conference”

Two dinners in the Park – sweet.

They really should have one of the presentations in the infinity pool to top things off – perhaps Colm McCarthy’s Bord Snip talk?

“Unfortunately fairly pricey and with short notice to any students who might wish to attend, again.”

I wonder if they’re trying to tell you something ….


Am willing to dance round infinity pool with z.enlai should he/she come out.

Anonymity is powerful stuff alright. This blog has become a kind of masked ball.

Why Kenmare every year? Why not in Cahirciveen this year? Wouldn’t ye get better value for money there than in the Park or the Sheen? Don’t they need a bit of media publicity and economists spending a bit of dosh in that part of the Kingdom? I mean, spread it around lads!

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