First-Year Grad Student Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Greg Mankiw has scooped a pre-release of next week’s announcement.

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“Quintus Pfuffnick”? Ah come on fellas, its difficult enough convincing people you academic economists aren’t squares without this… 😀

Nobel Prize committee in pro-activity shock!

I must admit though, I am a lot less cynical about Obama’s award that most commentators i have read this morning.

Gideon Rachman’s blog is good on the subject..

@ Lorcan

i heard the closing date for entries for the Peace Prize was the 1st of Feb, so he was actually nominated 3 weeks into his first term!!

Good to see the comittee being influence by recent advances in economics in Ireland, even if they didnt formally acknowledge it…

Using predicted Long Term Economic Value as the way to decide on the award was a nice touch….

I think its bordering on cheap to compare obama to a first year grad student. his election was a momentous occasion and he has completely changed the tone of america’s relation to the world. i dont know whether this deserves a nobel peace prize but it is a significant achievement in itself from an international relations point of view. if he can get the US economy out of the hole, we should give him the Economics Nobel also.

I wouldn’t call the comparison invalid – the two awards certainly represent a shift in the ethos of the Nobel prizes, from recognising past deeds to pre-emptively rewarding promising beginnings.

Liam: its not cheap its satire, you know like a joke? But I think its getting at a fair point, he hasn’t achieved much by way of peace. He has potential to do good ( as have many others) but untill he has its bizarre to reward him.
Perhaps they are trying to make up for the previous award to Kissinger, a warmonger.

On the same day that the United States attacked the Moon, the Nobel Committee awards its Peace Prize to the US President.

Looks like Mankiw is on his way to redeeming himself for his nutty negative interest rate ideas. If there’s any doubt as to the political nature of this award, just take a look at who was awrded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize last year…

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