NAMA Links to FF Exposed

Some of you may have always suspected that NAMA will be a body with close links to FF. This appears to be the smoking gun. Indeed, I’d say that this story doesn’t leave mushroom for doubts any more.

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@Karl Whelan
It’s all very well you joyriding around the internet but you really should be giving us your views on John Corrigan’s remarkable interview:

While you’ve been dossing I have, following a tip-off from another poster, uncovered the real truth about NAMA. NAMA is the Irish version of the body below. But as it’s been created by this incompetent death-wish government (someone please oblidge them) it’s actually doing the opposite to it’s alleged purpose.

“What is NAMA?
The National Anger Management Association is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for the advancement of anger management services, research, and professional anger management services community.”

Our NAMA is the National Anger MAGNIFICATION Agency.


I hope you haven’t been on the magic ones!

I had never thought of calling FF the ‘Fungus Federation’.

Oh well, if the ‘cap’ fits, wear it!

@65 Bn
“What is NAMA?
The National Anger Management Association is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for the advancement of anger management services, research, and professional anger management services community.”

It also stands for”Nasty Ass Military Area” – Camp Nama in Baghdad, Iraq. See dozens more more definitions and references to Nama(s) at

More additons welcome!

“It’s all very well you joyriding around the internet but you really should be giving us your views on John Corrigan’s remarkable interview”

Even a much needed comic relief is not safe from the Artist Formerly Known As E65bn….

Its bizarre that “academics” can find time to write this tripe. Maybe the 12% cut to their 200k+ salaries has irked them.

@Kevin Barrett

Dead right – how dare a lecturer take 45 seconds out at 11.00pm to write this. They should be out gritting the roads if they don’t have anything better to do before they go to bed.

Thanks Zhou,

That said, I’m afraid that even if we did go out and grit the roads we’d still have people criticising us as useless wasters and spreading baseless claims that professors make 200k+. Comes with the territory I’m afraid.

Further evidence of commercial confidentiality:
Deloitte report into the Shannon Foynes Port Company:
Comments by Minister Dempsey:
“The confidentiality of the report must be respected. To make public the Deloitte report would achieve little other than to expose the company potentially to further costly legal proceedings relating to the confidential settlement.”
“I am unable to say any more than that because of the legal situation.”

And of not talking to witnesses at early stages of investigations:

“The Garda investigation is at an early stage.However, …. neither of them has been contacted by a member of the Garda investigating team.”

I don’t think that professors who work in Cambridge MA and the like have to put up with people accusing them of laziness. A good reason to work elsewhere IMO.

Now now. I can see where the crtics are coming with. Dont you know that the Fungus Foundation stands for all that is good and noble in the Irish nation. Or at least thats what they believe the deluded loons. Powerful stuff those mushrooms. Does anyone have an antidote for them.

Speaking of Salt looks like the banana or should that be mushroom republic is about to run out of road salt. Wont that be fun. Almost as much fun as when the flooding swamped half the country or when Galway could not drink water because of excrement.

And some would have the temerity to get narky when its pointed out to them that a certain party is responsible for this rather than the faries.

Plus ca change.

Maybe the reason why the Fungi loved the Galway tent was the highly nutritious horse droppings.


It comes with the territory indeed. Don’t worry though; you’re towards the back of the queue for the gibbet. You should be able to change your identity before they get through all the politicians, bankers, developers, lawyers, hospital consultants, semi-state employees etc. etc.

So far we have had a small number of comfortable retirements for people whom Noel Dempsey (where is he now? No, really. We’re worried.) described as having recklessly endangered the nation.

“The minister said the problem was one of reckless endangerment of a nation.”
Now we know the punishment for that – a big payoff.

“The fact is that a small number of sophisticated money manipulators endangered the economic survival of our people.”
Very small. Zero in fact. Or maybe he is referring to their stature. The investigators haven’t interviewed the greedy almost as bad as Cromwells…because they are too tiny to catch.

“There’s no parallel in history for the damage they have done to this nation — except perhaps Cromwell.”
“And even Cromwell was motivated by reasons other than personal gain,” he added.

So we’ll give them all generous pensions.
He didn’t mean any of this when he said it, did he? Literally none of it.

@ Zhou re Artist Formerly Known As E65bn

“Irish bankers are purely evil” in his opinion. Not at all unhinged.

I don’t know which is worse, E65’s monomania with NAMA and the bankers or Eoin’s monomania with E65.

Maybe the mushroom method was used by the banks when it came to their Regulators – feed them with plenty bull and keep them in the dark?
The Fungus Federation are a blight on us all now!


Humour has its place, and essential at times within the ‘dismal particularity’ known as Irish economics past, present and future. It is one of our most valuable intangible assets and absolutely priceless. Smiling also uses less energy than frowning, reduces stress, and most wonderful of all – it is tax free.

Hey, did you hear the one about ……………..?

@ Karl/Garo

i would hope my monomania (a) isnt mono – i do talk about other stuff! and (b) isnt as manical as AFKAE – i have yet to post 6 posts in a row about him! I do worry about Greg though, hope he’s ok in this harsh weather. If he starts posting again as soon as Minister Dempsey is back in country than the conspiracy theorists are gonna have a field day…

Sean O’Rourke decapitated Gormley today over his handling of Snowgate.
He didn’t fare much better on Prime Time either. These threads are worth reading up to page 3. Don’t try to make too much sense of who is talking to whom. Just bask in the contempt for the government.

This threas is worth looking at too:

The cartoon at the start isn’t great but – if you have nothing better to do – the rest is worth reading.

Anyone who has never seen it before will be interested to see shots of the national emergency control room from which Brian Cowen is managing the crisis. It’s comment number three.

Otherwise fairly consistent level of criticism (almost total) of government throughout thread.

From the above thread, courtesy of poster WTTR:

“Mr Gilmore’s sustained attacks on Nama designed to undermine the agency is playing into the hands of the many powerful vested interests who are working hard to scupper this solution to our banking crisis,” said Mr Dempsey.

Ignorance on Nama damaging, says Dempsey – The Irish Times – Thu, May 21, 2009

Karl .. its all beginning to make sense – the golden circle was a fairy ring and who could deny that fingers is a leprechaun – he did after all grab that pot of gold and vanish ..hmm

NAMA: €65 Bn losses for no lending

I sympathize. The man is out of his depth. So lies proliferate from shills and spokesmen. He clearly needs a long holiday…

Someone put him out of our misery.

The imbalance between self-interest and the public interest is often at the root of economic and business crashes.

Harvesting public anger is an old trick in politics and it is common for angry people to gullibly bank their hopes on the proverbial snake oil salesmen.


Hint: s/he comments here infrequently.

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