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Denis O’Brien recently seemed annoyed at the sight of academic economists blogging and twittering. I am not sure what he would make of the potential emergence of a new trend, academic economists rapping. The link below is to perhaps the first viral economics rap-song, describing the differences of opinion between Hayekian and Keynesian approaches to recession recovery. One of the authors is Russ Roberts, one of the people behind Econtalk podcasts, which are among the best resources for economics on the web. It is actually quite good but does raise the question of where all this might go. “NAMA: The Musical” would be up there for me.

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(-; Great stuff …….. for those who teach ……….. must be wonderful.

C’mon Al – get a life!

I have one
I want to return the 7 minutes i spent watching this!
I have a receipt.

Seriously though, Why Hayek over Friedman?
Hayek’s gig was more political philosphy?



You should try John Moloney on Vincent Browne – took a 3 min recess – or listen to Niall Blaney on RTE radio ‘giving out to Brian Lucey for using the disparaging term ‘junk’ in relation to our banks – think they could both do with a bit of a decent eductional ‘rap’ ……….. Siobhan Barry must have wondered what universe she had rampbled into ………..

Check out the adjoining links on this Rap ….. there you find Friedman….. I’ve a bit of time for Hayek on knowledge – Thatcher very nearly put me off him ……. so I have to re-construct some of his ideas where useful …..can’t stand his individualist darwinian ideology though – far right love it ……. I’d need a lifetime to fully read Keynes ……… but if I had to select a buddy at the bar (the traditional Irish head-shop variety with glasses and things) I’d take Keynes anyday ………. great that you do have a life ……… celtic rock, mozart, C&W, .Van the Main….? (-;

Russ Roberts has been a legend in bringing economics debate to a wider audience. I don’t intend to replicate him in doing a rap video any time soon but a part of me admires him and his colleagues for doing it. They put a lot of work in and it has gone viral with nearly 100,000 more hits since yesterday. This is probably focused on students and people with at least a tangential interest in economics. Many of these guys may not have heard of Hayek before and I’m sure there are probably thousands of people now who are interested in reading more about the Hayekian and Keynesian approaches on the back of it.

@Al Apologies. Though you may need to question what part of the words academic, economists and rapping led you to form the expectations that created your disappointment. The fact that you watched it all is intriguing from a behavioural perspective.

One night, myself and a few friends rewrote a fistful of pop songs to form a somewhat cohesive narrative about the Rise and Fall of the Celtic Tiger in musical form… “Going to buy in Bulgaria, going to buy in Bulgaria” and so on.

If the time is right, perhaps it’s time to dig up that late night set of scrawls again!

@Liam [& Al …]

I’m earning a few kudus on this one … and on Hayek … there’s life in the oul blog yet!

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