Improvement in World Economic Outlook

The IMF has raised its growth projections for 2010 and 2011. Although the fastest-growing countries are in the emerging markets group, the upward revisions in the growth forecasts for the euro area, US and UK are also quite substantial (relative to priors): you can get more details here.

2 replies on “Improvement in World Economic Outlook”

Do people think that the latest forecasts will hold steady? Is there not a sense of a double dip as sovereign debt wobbles, the UK and USA come under pressure to cut back spending, China comes under pressure to reduce bank lending and little or no moves are made to “rebalance” trade?


There is no such thing as certainty at the moment – but if global does not pick up – then consequences around here are dim and dimmer ……….. and the Chinese are taking action, as one would expect …………… instead of buying Greece …. you have great influence over there honourable sage …….. I think buying Ireland might be a viable solution to many problems around here and a much better option for the Chinese than Greece ……….. what’s more – they have cash in their banks, and we don’t.

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