BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight: Lessons from Ireland for the UK

The World Tonight programme is running a series on fiscal adjustment in Europe, with the attendant lessons for the UK. Last night’s programme includes a report from Ireland plus an interview with Kevin Daly (minutes 07:30 to 17:00); tonight’s programme will report from Greece.

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Regarding the seemingly accepted international view that Ireland’s PS workers have just ‘accepted’ the pay cuts – this is getting a little tiresome.

I applaud the fact that PS protests here (even though I broadly agree with the pay cuts) have been far more amicable but there has been plenty of discourse from union leaders, industrial action etc. What the report clearly means is that they haven’t been out on the streets engaging in self-defeating activites.

I get the impression the PS worker strikes in Greece enjoy a great deal of non-public sector support in Greece but that is and would not be the case here.

I don’t agree. While there has been plenty of non-violent resistance, the union leaders do seem to have realised they don’t have an awful lot of room to maneuver.

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