Ranking business schools

There is a new ranking of business schools by EdUniversal.

Seven Irish institutes make it into the top 1000 (2 in the top 100, 4 in the top 700). The methodology is particularly vague, so I do not know what it means. The ranking is based on a composite of other rankings plus a survey among deans. It seems to be mostly about teaching quality.

Anyway, two Irish universities come out well, so that is good.

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AFAIK its mostly driven by deans perceptions of teaching and to a lesser extent research quality. Its a single and somewhat outlying datapoint but it shows the same trend as before : TCD/UCD clear blue water to the others. What would that imply for rational rationalisation of schools were we to be forced to go down that road? And what will be done…

Some rational rationalisation might be based on specialisation.

We don’t need many business schools to produce top-level managers for the HQs of multinationals or for the lower ranks of consultancy firms. We might however benefit from having specific provision for executives of local plants of multinationals (more on production, less on finance?) or for owner-managers of domestic industry (broad but with more focus on smaller firms). To what extent, for instance, do undergraduate business programmes include production management?

I don’t know to what extent there is such specialisation, but if it exists it would seem to me that rankings would be comparing apples and oranges: an MBA aimed at owner-managers would be in a different category than one aimed at producing serfs for PwC.

I exclude Economics from consideration on the grounds that it is an academic discipline rather than the subject of training courses.


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