We’re famous!

Even the Taiwanese are making cartoons about us (HT Gideon Rachman).

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@Kevin O’Brien

Possibly Father Ted box sets are one of the easiest sources of background material on Ireland to find in Taiwan.

“Down with that sort of thing” is actually fairly representative of most of the commentary in Ireland. It’s not only well researched, it’s accurate too.

That complaint, as a political commentary, ranks right up there with “The government should do something”.

Tell you what, if that really is Taiwanese, fast forward 5 yrs and factor in the hundreds of thousands of highly educated Chineses hooking up to western econoculture and you could probably just shut down RTE and some of the Unis and outsource it all while everyone re-applies for their jobs at internationally competitive rates!

That should be on the telly as a “public information” broadcast. Excellent.

🙂 Brilliant. Love the bankers as leprechaun theme, little Seanie and his magical pot of gold.

Careful now!

Private Eye had a very funny story on the Irish crisis- Cowen the chief leprechaun discovers that the pot at the end of the rainbow is a crock of s***.

I really enjoyed that. I had the best laugh in a long time. What a joke of a country. What a joke of an electorate.

We should all feel a little sadness. The ministerial red light sabre has been knocked from his grasp. Like Darth Vader, after his duel with Luke Skywalker in The Return of the Jedi, Brian Lenihan was on the ground, hands waving for mercy,
after his encounter with Michael Noonan on Prime Time last night.
But it looks like he is trying to throw Emperor Cowen down the deathstar lift shaft before he goes, so he can be captain for a while of the FF ship of the damned. Unfortunately for us, Noonan and FG and probably Labour too have already turned to the (dark) bondholder side of the force.

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