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The festive season is almost upon us and we all need a bit of cheering up. I have always found Swiss trade policy to be good for a giggle myself, and apparently their Finance Minister agrees with me. Bündnerfleisch: an old one but a good one.

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IF you’re looking for more trade related Christmas humor, I strongly suggest you see “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” in the cinemas. The trade group from UCD went and we had a blast.

I would love to see Martin Manseragh try to make the same announcement, but only if paramedics were on stand-by.

Little background:

The swiss finance minister with the giggles was supposed to answer questions in the parliament on import increase of spiced meats.

Earlier he stated that he was looking forward the whole sunday to go into this quanda session. However, the text he struggles to read then was written by a high ranking customs officer, hence somewhat ‘special’ in it’s nonsensical language.

I guess, he started loosing it when the language started to hit himself as utter nonsense ‘…the spiced meat from the specimens of cattle, is regulated under customs tariff number K 10602 dot 5099 ….with reference to comment 6 A to Capital 2 of KN, customs has added… [giggles harder, shrugs banging hand on table]

The clip here however is longer and gets even more weired,at 3:30, the customs text he is struggling to read the continues that any expansion of current regulation on spiced meat, would contradict their own HS regulation but further would undermine swiss responsibility towards the United Nations Charta….

That was too much [shaking his head in disbelief, laughter!] 🙂

He was making fun of the Germans who created a new law just to limit the amount of ham (bundnerfleish) coming from Switzerland.

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