Economics Editor Job

For the journalists who read this blog, this BBC opportunity in Belfast may be of interest – details here.

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Breaking Newz ….. (from the new Editor)

09012011:00.01 Coup in Dublin – The Citizens have had enough and have taken over; Immediate DEFAULT on Cowboy_Banking System Debt; Ireland is Broke for a few milli-seconds; Rioters reports that offers of support for the brave citizens of Ireland are flooding in from all corners of the globe; billions of dosh, billions of foreign direct investment, tankers of oil, and millions of students – Irishmen with balls and feisty Women become the most respected global citizens around –

From the New York Times to the South China Morning Post, from CNN to AlJazzeera – all carry a smiling photo/video of Blind Biddy O’Nuff astride a Sherman Tank and waving a highly polished white bazooza outside the historic GPO on the renamed ‘Our Street’ ….. interviewed on hundreds of channels her comment “We couldn’t take this bullsh1t any more” is set to become the rallying cry for citizen-serfs around the globe ………


BBC producer on interview panel

‘Great context and detail David but you are a month out on your timeline. Here in Norn’ Iron we are very particular about our dates. Have you tried RTE?’


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