Goulash Populism

In analysing the adjustment process here in Ireland, it is helpful to keep track of what is going on in other European countries that are dealing with reform challenges.  George Kopits provides a summary of the Hungarian situation in this WSJ article.

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Five off the cuff ………

One commonality in both is the search for, and spin on, a suitable scapegoat …to sidetrack attentinon from real issues …. In Hungary it is the Roma – In Ireland it is the Unemployed and Social Welfare Rates & Minimum wage … and migrants

The other commonality is the absolute necessity of doing whatever is necessary to protect at all costs the Insider Elites, who are always roight

Yet another commonality is to feed loads and loads of bullsh1t to the citizen-serf-plebs ….

IMF is another

Default is me final.

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