Understanding the IMF – Institutional and Legal Aspects

Details of this guest lecture  by Sean Hagan, General Counsel and Director of the Legal Department at the International Monetary Fund, on March 18 (organised by TCD Law School) are available here.

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Wonder might Sean Hagan advise us on how to declare the idiotic ‘mistake/guarantee’ D-day in 2008 ILLEGAL.

If not, perhaps he might advise us on how The Irish Sovereign, polluted with the conflationist banking debt, might declare bankruptcy in New York.

Washington is also somewhat overcrowded these days ; we can offer the IMF pristine office space, at a pinch from NAMA, in Central Dublin for its new global HQ – and charitable status for tax and other purposes – on a 99 year agreement. We also have a lovely historic building, not a stone’s throw from the gates of TCD – and we are anxious to boot out the present BOIsterous tenant, who is playing footsie with our taxpayers’ dosh – which would be perfectly suitable for the IMF Executive Board.

Oh – I almost forgot – could we have another $300 billion or so at the lovely interest rate of 2.9% …. Patricia the Irish Sovereign_in_Exile is a fan; and for very obvious reasons, sends her regrets (-;

@David O’Donnell – the Sept 2008 blanket guarantee was never called upon and has now expired. It makes no difference at all whether it was illegal or not. The ELG facility, which is a totally different beast, is hat you should address with your comments.


I stand corrected on me ‘error of judgment’. Ta.

All legalese will emerge in the ‘fulness of time’, the Irish conception of time, when we all arrive, following ‘The Longest March in Procrastinating Banking History’, at THE Default Tribunal ….

BTW – there is an argument to be made that insofar as the liabilities which the Minister has taken on to the Sovereign via the ELG scheme and/or any guarantees of ECB deposits are so big and important that they could not be effecte through secondary legislation and the delegation of such powers to the Minister through the legislation was unconstitutional.


Any mention of the €300 billion?

Could we have Ms Atkinson for the next lecture please? In Dublin.


Sean Hagan did not speak about Ireland specifically. He only spoke about the IMF generally and it was off the record. It was very informative as it is an area of law one wouldn’t generally hear much about. Well done TCD law dept for organising it.


ta for update. I’ll attend for Ms Atkinson …. the dulcet tones of 2.9 …(-;

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