New Central Bank Quarterly Bulletin

The new bulletin is available here.

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So the IMF and incidentally Bank of Ireland think GDP will grow by 0.5% in 2011. Even Morgan “Ireland – A good time to buy” Stanley think GDP will grow by 0.8%. And the CBI says today that its estimate is 0.9%. Of course which of us has a crystal ball but still.

I note that the CBI’s baseline stress test was for a 1.5% decline in GNP in 2011 and it is now forecasting zero% change. Presumably that follows the better than expected 2% decline in GNP in 2010 (the CBI had thought it would be 3.1%)

The inflation and unemployment outlook look low unless you think we have got the worst out of the way in Q1, 2010.

@ Jagdip

no mention of the ELA in their bulletin, but there is in BKIR’s accounts!

€8bn usage at 31/12/10. So €31bn for ANGL/IRNW/EBS, and €8bn for BOI out of c.€49bn, so that leaves around €10bn unnaccounted for between AIB and ILP.

@ Mickey Hickey

‘a trusted statesman “?

In Feb 2010, when George Soros was having op-ed pieces on the euro crisis published in leading newspapers, The Wall Street Journal reported that top US hedge fund managers were wagering big bets against the euro and at an “idea dinner” at a private townhouse (possibly a former stable?) in Manhattan, they plotted how they could make big killings from euro woes and the Greek crisis.

Soros Fund Management had a rep at the dinner.

I thought a statesman was a dead politician?

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