Feasta Conference: National Strategies for Dealing with Ireland’s Debt Crisis

Feasta (The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability) are holding an interesting conference on Thursday and Friday of this week titled National Strategies for Dealing with Ireland’s Debt Crisis: Exploring the Options. The webpage for the conference is here and the conference programme is here.

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Did not think we had a national stratergy – we are just told what to do by various international priests.
Anyway how can you have a national strategy for the most open economy in Europe ! – absurd – we don’t have any control of our currency , our borders or our banks.
Now a conference to take back national powers would be a logical meeting although perhaps impractical given the immense power of the global banking cartel.
This has a very 1987 IMF era about it – although this time the emperor has no clothes – FF or FG can no longer pretend to control the country and keep a straight face.
I am enjoying the many twists and turns of our local sub chieftains however – the level of absurdity is off all known quantifiable scales.
Me thinks Ireland was always like this.
Maybe we should all learn to speak in a completely alien local dialect / gibberish again – then their lack of understanding of the place could force them to leave us alone.
Me thinks Yola should be on the new national curriculum.

Tut Tut … shurely shurely shome mishtake ‘ere …

Adjunct PROFESSOR for Ireland’s leading Ayn_een Randite commentator – or how are we ever to get that loan from the Saintly Columbanus AG in Switzerland if he gets a touch of the ‘status anxiety twitches’.

That said – best with the conference.

I went to a Feasta event a couple of years back and met some very interesting people (with some very alternative viewpoints).

This one looks a cracker. I will try and get there.

Ireland is far from helpless, we have a government that is quite incapable of taking the tough decisions that are at least three years overdue. Concerned about their re-election prospects they continue to avoid inflicting pain on the Public Service, abolishing the minimum wage, tearing down the professional silos and myriad other impediments to growth. They still do not get it that adding more debt is akin to adding more stones to the pocket6s of a drowning person.

The only thing that could be said in favour of withdrawing from the EuroZone is that the 2/3 depreciation of the Punt that would occur in a few short weeks would rectify a multitude of imbalances. We would have tripled our external Euro debt obligations but the productive sector of society would thrive as exports soar.

The suffering would be felt by all, none of the friction now existing would be removed but we would get at least five years of high growth. The government would be sidelined as they try to cope with the national debt.
God help the poor, underprivileged, pensioners, health system consumers, unemployed and others.

For those who are interested, there’s a Tedx talk by Bernard Liataer, where he talks about the structural issues and solutions. I see that he is one of the participants at the event.

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