Kilkenomics 2011

I’ve agreed to participate in some sessions at this year’s Kilkenomics which will take place between Wednesday November 2 and Sunday November 6.  While obviously leaving myself open to (perhaps fair!) jokes about the differences between economists and comedians, I’m looking forward to it. I’d recommend people to take a look at the line-up. There are lots of interesting sessions on important issues and many excellent speakers, including Jeff Sachs from Columbia.

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Max Kaiser asked Steve Keen what is the one question he should ask Sachs
Keen : Russia………………
There was a great Adam Curtis documentary about strange economic theories a few years ago (its name escapes me now) but he attacked Sachs furiously at that time.
Much of the 90s boom was all about resourse extraction from the east – when oil demand fell over there we got the surplus until there was a kick back and then subsequent blow back from the locusts sent out previously to do our bidding

Yes I found it – starts at 33 minutes

And this very interesting piece – it shows the pressure / advice ? on Clinton from Rubin to reduce the defecit or else bond yields will shoot up to unsustainable levels.
We know now that the FED / BoE can flatten yields at will………….

But when they reduced the defecit back then it forced Americans into massive private debt because they could not borrow enough from the Goverment.
This created the malinvestment nightmare of today – much like how Irish citizen serfs had to go into massive private debt when not enough goverment money was available.
Starts at 10.45


Remember, Economists always start with ‘Under the assumption that…’ and end with ‘No one could have predicted THAT!’


@ Dork
I think Max (the rottweiler) Keiser would be better off saving his ire for people who have not spent the last number of years focused on trying to eradicate world hunger.

Sure Sachs may have made errors in the past but he is far from the bad guy. Your youtube clip is a perfect example.

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