School of Economics Research Bulletin

UCD School of Economics has launched an Economics Research Bulletin, edited by Kevin Denny, to be published three times a year.  The first edition is here (pdf).

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Wow! Great initiative and best wishes for success to Kevin Denny and his team. The interview with Cormac O’Grada is particularly interesting – I like his assertion that economic historians have a lot to learn from historians. Perhaps mainstream economists too have a lot to learn from economic historians also, though they may not fully recognise that at this time. O’Grada’s work over many years on the Great Famine is fundamental to an understanding of how Ireland developed subsequently and teh watershed effect of the famine on Irish society, in particular how the effective wipe-out of two classes, at the top and the bottom of the pile, has affected the social and economic values of Irish society to the present day. The joint papers with Morgan Kelly on the medieval warming period are anticipated with interest. Hopefully, they will be published soon.

Let me second the above comments. This is a great initiative. I’m currently writing a survey of Irish cliometrics, so this is excellent material for me. Cormac’s- typically I might add- wise words on what economists could learn from historians should be required reading for current grad students/academic economists. As Cormac states ‘The past is not just a database’ (p.3).

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