New Government Economic Service Announced

Details here.

By Stephen Kinsella

Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick.

4 replies on “New Government Economic Service Announced”

I suppose it will create a few new jobs but is it an admission of a serious lack of expertise across all government departments?

Broadly to be welcomed,though the typical Public Service focus on the qualifications the applicants/transferees might hold is annoying. Experience trumps qualifications !

“The work of the Unit will support Departments in evaluating policy and expenditure options; value for money exercises; cost benefit and regulatory impact analyses; and regulatory and competition issues.”

Are we saying this stuff is NOT done already. What do they do?

Based on the recruitment policy for this it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to get the best skills possible.

External staff will be recruited from the “Administrative Officer competition already underway through the Public Appointments Commission.”

This competition may not have been very desirable for people highly skilled in economics, and as it is now closed there’s no opportunity for people interested solely in this unit to apply.

It also would seem that that competition only required a primary degree, so people with a PhD in economics, I’d imagine, were unlikely to apply.

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