European Aviation Conference, Berlin, 22-23 November

Those with an interest in aviation matters and policy should note that this year the European Aviation Conference takes place in Berlin on 22-23 November.  Programme details and a list of speakers, along with booking arrangements and venue, may be found on the website,

The conference has been in existence in a slightly different form for more than 10 years. Neither a pure industry event, nor exclusively academic, it has succeeded in bringing together researchers, policymakers and many parts of the industry to discuss air transport issues from varying perspectives. The conference is also designed to stimulate research and to hammer out viable and acceptable solutions to industry issues. As in the past, it will be preceded by a more technical workshop of the German aviation research society (GARS); the call for papers is here:

As in the past, the EAC will bring presenters from almost all continents. Many events promise to combine research, policy and industry; in my experience, few pull it off as well as this one.

By Cathal Guiomard

Cathal Guiomard is a Lecturer in Aviation Management in DCU. Between 2006 and 2014, he was Ireland's Commissioner for Aviation.

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A little disappointed to see that the preliminary program doesn’t include any items on airline IT given the hotness of the topic in the US, but then, that could just be an own personal geekness point of view…

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