The Swords is mightier

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The saga of Pat Swords v The World continues to unfold. Not content with having the UN-ECE Compliance Committee of the Aarhus Convention declare that EU renewables policy violates procedural obligations with regard to sound policy making, Pat has now sought, and found, a legal review of the Irish implementation of that policy, specifically, the National Renewable Energy Action Plan and the REFIT scheme. The case will be before the High Court on January 15.

To be continued.


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  1. Tecumseh Says:

    Fantastic news!
    Will be interesting to see the plans of various quangos and government depts finally come under scrutiny.

  2. Garo Says:

    Good for him. Irish society needs such Don Quixotes.

  3. EWI Says:


  4. Val Martin Says:

    Why should he stop with the UNECE finding? If I got such a finding I would proceed to enforce it.

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