BIS Quarterly Review, December 2012

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Gee – how I wish I could understand this.
Seems we all owe money to the financial institutions – that we just lent loads of money to because they were going to collapse…..
Wow…it seems like a protection racket to the uneducated like myself.
But then who am I…?

The international financial system is a load of crap that’s only two sovereign defaults away from collapse

Make that 3.
The core value of currency now is that a nations taxpayers will pay whatever credit is owing. That is the basis of the credit that underpins modern currency. You take that away and you got mayhem … because you got nothing


Those “Assets” are really claims on a declining physical economy……..

The assets only increased in value by extracting more from the physical economy by stopping the flow in these economies.

If you produce Greenbacks the assets will dilute in value but the physical economy may recover.

This guy is not a greenbacker as it breaks one of his rules…… centralized ..

But he explains the true value of negative value currencies very well……

A pure medium of exchange currency.

@ Eureka: “Wow…it seems like a protection racket to the uneducated like myself.”

If you believe this, then you understand very well. Your second comment is spot on. There is ‘educated’ (being an ignorant expert) and there is ‘wisdom’ (you recognise sh*te when you encounter it).

Dork’s comment about a ‘physical economy’ and its extractive nature – to produce something of ‘value’ – is more technical and salient. It has strict physical limits, unlike fiat credit which may be created without limit (well, almost!). Few folk understand this well. Hence the sh*ite!

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