Dublin Economic Workshop Annual Conference 2013

This year the DEW, kindly sponsored by Dublin’s Chamber of Commerce, will be held at the CastleTroy Park Hotel in Limerick from 18-20 of October. The final programme is here.

All bookings and reservations for the conference should be directed here.

The 36th DEW Annual conference will see more than 30 presenters, with Ministers Michael Noonan and Pat Rabbitte giving plenary talks, along with policy makers, academics, and members of the business community, it’s going to be a lively debate. See you there.

By Stephen Kinsella

Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick.

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OT but Patrick Honohan’s fifedom intervention into the budget debate is worthy of a thread.

With this and his bizarre tirade against Keynes in the Irish Times (an ugly and simpering ordoliberal dog whistle) he seems to be expounding the German political narrative for a German audience. How can this do any good? Does he expect brownie points or is this institutional Stockholm syndrome?

Overly powerful independent central banks have to rank as one of the major problems with twenty first century democracies.

@John Corcoran

If you were a Marxist you might say that Patrick Honohan’s class interests (mobile technocratic elite, neoliberal, international capital friendly) trump any national loyalties he might have.

Another angle is that having played a very bad game in Europe the current establishment is trying to paint their loss (well, Ireland’s loss) as an inevitable consequence of “political realities” or some kind of historical determinism rather than a dreadful failure of vision, nerve and tactics. It should not be a terrible surprise they fought so badly, Fine Gael is spiritually quite comfortable with the neoliberal agenda and Labour has always had trouble reconciling its opposition to the evils of Irish nationalism with the left’s more traditional role in opposing imperialism.

I imagine that the government, having allied itself with our enemies without, will now set about attacking their enemies within with renewed vigour in an effort to further distract the public. Senate referendum anyone?

While I might have liked to retain a reformed, inexpensive Senate, the two page spread in the Examiner, outlining the money to be received by those senators did it for me. That’s it.
I have no intention working until 67, to continue paying them or their replacements bonanza money. No more.

Using the same logic, I turned down the Court of Appeal. The new one, whereby wealthy people can spar it out at public expense, while the luminaries in the Supreme Court concentrate on constitutional matters!!
Double shift them, as far as I am am concerned.
And where was the constitution when needed to defend the interests of the Irish people? Or the Senate?

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