IMF Fiscal Monitor: Tax Reform

The new FM report has a lot of detail on tax reform options – here.

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Just amazing, yet again, that great research gets little or no comment here. We could construct indexes on the quality of the underlying contribution, its relevance to Ireland and the number of quality responses on this blog.
In this report, many pages that can be pointed to. The press could have a field day for weeks on end with the tables and graphs, both in relation to Ireland and more generally.
I’m not going to highlight anything… people can sniff out quickly some relevant stuff. It will however require a bit of work; and work is something that seems to dissuade the instant reaction crowd here.
This report should be read in conjunction with the previous Monitor and the Financial Stability Review, plus the BIS and other long term analysis.

Reading this report for most of the washed, tidy and orderly middle and upper middle class would not be a pleasurable exercise. Having read it how would one comment on it here without displaying selfishness and greed.

On taxation Figure 7 shows us as an outlier on the lower right quadrant along with USA and ESP. The policy gaps on VAT, Property Tax and other sources of revenue would look tempting to a responsible government. We have nothing to worry about until the next crisis.

Christine Lagarde seems to have brought the revolution to the IMF, the US thumbs on the IMF jugular are being pried loose.

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