TCD Policy Institute Event: Barry Eichengreen, “Hall of Mirrors”

Barry Eichengreen will talk about this new book in the Ed Burke Theatre (TCD Arts Block), 9am-10am on Tuesday January 20th.  All welcome!


  • First and only systematic comparative analysis of the two great economic and financial crises of the last 100 years
  • Provides an integrated account of experience in the US and Europe, which together constituted the epicenter of the recent crisis and were similarly at the center of the Great Depression
  • Economic analysis is leavened by anecdote and personalities, with key figures in both crises introduced and humanized
  • Shows how the history of the Great Depression shaped how policy makers perceived and responded to the Global Credit Crisis, but equally how the recent crisis will in turn re-shape how we see the Depression



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Eichengreen is namechecked by Authers in today’s FT saying that there is no point in raising interest rates until wage inflation picks up.

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