Journées de l’Economie

I was at the Journées de l’économie in Lyon last week: this is a popular economics festival at which literally thousands of members of the public show up to listen to people like yours truly.

I was on a Brexit panel on the Wednesday, and tried to explain to a French audience how serious the issue is for us (I start about 30 minutes in, but the whole thing is worth listening to; I thought Jon Henley in particular, who preceded me, was really excellent and made all the points you would have wanted to make yourself); there was a more academic session on a very French topic (“Mutations du capitalisme“) on the Thursday,  at which Daniel Cohen made a couple of points that I thought were very thought-provoking (and also very French).

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“That fact that Ireland can block any deal shows why we should be leaving not why we should be staying. Who do they think they are !”
Aaron Banks, this AM on Twitter. Combined with a quite extraordinary ad hom attack on Leo V in The Super Soaraway (above offer excludes merseyside) Sun, and some quite ranting nonsense from a bunch of UK commentators, the scales have really fallen from the UK eyes this last few days.

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