Sharon Donnery (Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Ireland) speech on macroprudential policy

The Department of Economics, Finance & Accounting at Maynooth University welcomes Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, who will deliver a talk on “Building resilience in the face of uncertainty – what role for policy?”, followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Bridget McNally (Maynooth University) with panelists Robert Kelly (Central Bank, Head of Macro-Finance Division), Dermot O’Leary (Chief Economist at Goodbody Stockbrokers), and Gregory Connor (Maynooth University), on Thursday 31st May 2018,  at 11am – 12:15 pm, Renehan Hall, Maynooth University. R.S.V.P. For further information tel: 01-7083728 / 7083681

2 thoughts on “Sharon Donnery (Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Ireland) speech on macroprudential policy”

  1. Building resilience. Maybe start with a ban on new debt.
    Italy is in crisis mode again. Nothing was learnt last time . As Muenchau said at the time if globalisation and monetary expansion cannot be unwound, build a coherent regulatory structure to police the system. And that opportunity was ignored in favour of ZIRP. Everything is mis priced. What follows every asset bubble is a banking crisis. And nobody is ready.

  2. This blog hah gone very quiet. Given the lotrntpot calamity unfilfiun in brexitland, and the effects thereof here, are therr no thoughts on same?

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