Sean Barrett on Public Capital Spending

Sean Barrett in the Irish Independent writes ‘Three serious flaws in our society have converged in children’s hospital debacle’.

DEW 2020

The 2020 Dublin Economics Workshop will be held as an online event with sessions taking place from Monday to Friday next week. Details of the topics, participants and registration can be found here.

Some Recent Pieces on Taxes, Incomes and Social Protection

Declan Jordan: Covid Crisis Shows Need for Basic Income Scheme

Rory O’Farrell: Time To Raise Taxes Not Cut Them

Laura Bambrick: The State of Sick Pay in Ireland is Sickening

Ciarán Nugent: Irish income figures exclude key sources of income for top earners and overstate the income of many low-wage workers

Wellbeing not GDP must be our measure of progress

A piece by Paul O’Hara in The Irish Times today. And a few days ago Cliff Taylor wrote on ‘Why Irish households are not, after all, among the best off in the EU’.

July Stimulus

Information on the budgetary package is available from this webpage. Some costings and other details are provided in this short document.