Latvian precedents

Lots of readers will have seen this:

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Cormac, watch out for the six o’çlock knock then tomorrow morning.

I believe we have already experienced this and fairly successfully so. Dear Leader Ahern used some dry wit when he invited people who had fears about the economy to kill themselves and denounced them as loo-lahs.

Debate was shut down and disastrously so.

I should be more precise and point out that the loo lahs jibe was in response to questions on the Lisbon treaty.

morgan – we need you to email us every day from your secret hideaway just so we know you are safe.

In all seriousness, the Taoiseach’s statement last night was bizarre in the extreme. The notion that the international markets are taking their cues from Richard Bruton or Joan Burton, or indeed from some pointy-headed intellectual, is completely fanciful. Suggesting this further undermines the credibility of those currently in charge of our State.

Why was post #360 linking to Morgan Kelly’s article in the times removed?

It is still available vis Google.

The Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan, recently hit out at the Financial Times for using the term ‘Banana Republic’ to describe our State after the deception at Anglo Irish Bank was uncovered.

Then on Monday night, January 19th, we have a statement issued on behalf of our Taoiseach pretty much telling those with media access to ‘Shut Up!’ when it comes to matters relating to our economy. The corner stone of any democracy, especially that of a Republic, is freedom of speech. The statement of Monday night does not sit well with Lenihan’s view that this is not a ‘Banana Republic’.

During the Anglo Irish Bill Dail debate on Tuesday, Mr Lenihan repeatly condemed Professor Kelly for his written piece in that days Irish Times; an article which was very hard hitting, yet stated the blindingly obvious. I tend to trust Professor Kelly’s integrity more than that of a politician.

Professor Morgan Kelly, Professor Brian Lucey and all those right minded men and women of this Republic should not fear to speak their educated minds.

What is at stake may not only be our economy, but the very democracy we live in.

I would call upon the editors to address this issue regarding the link to Morgan Kelly’s article in a post. In the interest of the credibility of this blog.

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