How Ireland can stage an economic recovery

The Irish Times has a new series on this topic, with articles commissioned from ‘leading’ (always that word) economists.  Today, it is John Fitzgerald: you can read his views here.

A series with a similar theme but a very different set of contributors ran back in August. Here is a partial list:

Sean Quinn (August 11 2008): here.

Derek Quinlan (August 12 2008): here.

Philip Lynch (August 13 2008): here.

Denis O’Brien (August 14 2008): here.

Michael O’Sullivan (August 20 2008): here.

Mark Fitzgerald (August 21 2008):  here.

One reply on “How Ireland can stage an economic recovery”

The wonderful investment nous demonstrated by Mr Quinn IRO Anglo Irish and Mr O’Brien IRO Independent News and Media would seem to suggest that, my pet cat Lucky who licks her paws and sits musing on business matters in a soft armchair should be canvassed to write an article for the Irish Times.

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