Ireland on PBS

There were two segments with an Irish interest on yesterday’s Newshour with Jim Lerher.   (The Newshour is the probably the most influential news programme in the US.)

The first is an interesting, if not particularly deep, look at the relative fortunes of Ireland and Poland.  You can view the segment or read the transcript here.

The second has a spirited criticism by John Bruton of the “Buy American” bill in the US Congress. 

5 replies on “Ireland on PBS”

unfortunately i was compelled to stop at the Irish broadcaster’s spending like drunken sailor’s analysis.
Bruton was solid.
Curate’s egg as regards boostin our reputataion

On Poland I found it interesting to note the drop now occuring in the zloty. It may be question of time rather than severity

Jer: The zloty has been falling since August. Just before it turned it had reached 3.2PLN to the euro; last time I checked, it was at 4.6. I think that’s pretty severe by any standard.

Jim, Idle speculation from a novice but will this exchange rate weakeness drive up Polish inflation as the remission of stronger Euros back into the country has an effect.

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