International Trade in Non-Executive Directors

The FT has an editorial today that recommends that Irish firms look overseas in order to obtain a more diverse pool of non-executive directors.  My impression is that the practice so far has been to primarily recruit non-execs from the US and the UK.  A broader geographical range might contribute more to diversity, rather than focusing on countries with very similar approaches to corporate governance.

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countries with very similar approaches to corporate governance.

That’s certainly a euphemistic way of putting it (that the current generation are so brain-washed with Randian nonsense that they’re unsafe to have in charge of a lemonade stand, never mind an enterprise…)

In a bubble, then any body with a pulse and able to say yes, makes money. When there is a depression, these people lose money hand over fist as they can only function in a boom. Now we need different personality types and not just the cost cutter.
Ask yourself why corporations should be eternal? Answer: they provide jobs for the boys! It is about pull, influence, contacts.
You lazy buggers! Do some work for a change! Add value to a business and that means putting many of them out of our misery!

Rand is not nonsense.

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