Eurostat Youth Unemployment

Eurostat have released a document yesterday summarising youth unemployment rates for Europe.

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In Estonia, youth unemployment tripled between 2008 and 2009, here it doubled, I just glanced at the data but I didnt see the same increase anywhere else….


It would be interesting to see a cross comparison between general demgraphics for the countries concerned along with this data – notwithstanding the general economic downturn I would have thought that the numbers of “young people” in the countries in question would also be a relevant metric.

@ Sean

Yes, and it would also be interesting to know, what level of unemployment we have imported. How many say, Polish would be unemployed here but would have been registered unemployted if they lived in Poland.

here boys,

couldn’t get funding for PhD (approx 140 a week), so im off to draw the dole for 204 a week.

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it!

Cheers government!


the issue of “imported” unemployment is a trickier subject – the EU is a single labour market so if one were to follow that issue to it’s logical conclusion you’d have to “repatriate” all of the unemployment across the 27 Member States, and for that matter, do the same with non-EU citizens. I was more concerned that, from a comparative perspective, a suggestion from the Eurostat figures that a single country had a greater rise in unemployment in a particular age band shoul be seen in the context of the overall demographic, and that the same comparisons for all other countries might give a better understanding of what’s going on in the labour market.

I am not particularly qualified to analyse the numbers but for example, see the following is lifted from Eurostat, population aged 15 – 24 across the EU:

I’m not sure if the above will be hyperlinked – I tried pasting in the relevant graph, alas to no avail…..

Ireland is substantially above the average in this age bracket and the comparison with Estonia made in an earlier comment becomes a little more understandable, gven that they have a pretty high proportion in that age bracket also.

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