New IMF blog and Potential Output

The IMF has established a new blog: the link is here.  The most recent entry is about the measurement of potential output and the adverse impact of financial crises on the level of potential output – interesting reading.

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Looks like an interesting development.
The elephant is of course why so many did not warn of the collapse even though they knew it was coming. Answer? They used the knowledge to get out before the panic started. And notice how few say recovery is strong. It is no longer a worthwhile game to deceive the public. So we get silence on where the depression goes from here. Except from the same old stalwarts who seldom get time in the media.
Yet we do know it will get significantly worse and soon. Industries are disappearing to China. They have unofficial tax rates there. If you know the right person. And pay enough. No analyses of any of this in our media. Very interesting.
The times they are a changing! But do not tell anyone!
How about a section on how bad things might get, really pessimistic projections on an annual scale? Top of the head stuff but citing at least one traw each post?
Too innovative? Too dangerous?
Interesting times.

The IMF starting a blog !!! Might be more interesting if they were on Twitter,that would leave some red faces when they turned up on peoples doorsteps.LOL

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