18 thoughts on “Hollywood and Economics”

  1. @jl


    What about it BL, do you fancy playing BL or BL?

    Who do you suggest for Sean Fitzpatrick?

    Who would want to play Brian Cowen?

    Could be a moneyspinner for RTE Drama….increased exports etc

  2. if we could boil the 46 down to 7 we could do a remake of the magnificent 7 with KW as Yul Brynner & Lucey as Steve MCqueen. Problem is 4 of them always get killed.

  3. @jl

    if we could boil the 46 down

    I am sure there are more than a few current and past politicians wishing just that.

    Some of the seven were Baddies anyway, so we could deceive some of the Namaites into joining the set.

  4. @Philip

    Thanks for this post…at last, a chance for a bit of craic


    Think I have it…

    What about Nama- The Indecent Proposal

    Who could we get for the Demi Moore role…..Umm

    Well, there has to be a least one transvestite Deputy out there

  5. Why cant we play ourselves? I mean, we are accused of playing with outselves regularly by the politicians (latest was friday, on I think newstalk, where BLenihan referred to “illinformed academic commentators”).

    As for the magnficent 7 ; some were broke gamblers, some enlisted under false pretences, some went ” for the crack” and some were under false flags!
    Names on a postcard please.

    Other moviev titles which we could remake on NAMA include

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    National Treasure : Book of Secrets
    Gone with the Wind

  6. @BL – you were also dismissed as ‘opinionated lecturers’ yesterday by some fella called Collins… in an, em, opinion piece on the, err, Opinion page of the IT… There’s opinions and opinions, eh? Keep working at it…

  7. Inglorious Bankers . action packed with bailouts .

    Saving Private Lenihan . Lenihan and his unit are hopelessly surrounded and down to their last 100 billion . A Aherne for Toms Hanks role and the Germans could be played by the 46 .

  8. @Brian Lucey

    I like National Treasure : Book of Secrets.

    Then of course, there is the more recent Tom Hanks, Paul Newman movie to have a play on

    Nama – The Road to Perdition

  9. A few more; that seem to sum things up:

    Field(s) of Dreams

    The Apartment

    West Side (of the M50) Story


    Taxi Driver

    A View to A Kill

    The Usual Suspects

    Karlito’s Way

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About NAMA But Were Afraid To Ask

    Dr. Honohan or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bond

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